Social Responsibility

The Group is committed to making contributions to the community since its establishment. In addition to fulfilling corporate responsibility in its day-to-day operations, the Group proactively participates in social welfare activities and donations. The Group’s effort in this regard is recognized by receiving a silver award from The Community Chest of Hong Kong.

Over the years, the Group has offered various scholarship programmes to a number of universities in Mainland China and Hong Kong, arranged interactive activities between students and enterprises, and sponsored tertiary academic activities, namely the “Peking University China Finance 40 Forum Road King Scholarship (北京大學中國金融四十人路勁獎學金班)” jointly launched by the Group, China Finance Academic Think Tank – China Finance 40 Forum and National School of Development of Peking University since 2009, which aims to nurture talents for the society, the programmes of which are supported by China Finance 40 Forum.

Further, since 2013, the Group has joined hands with China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Elite Habitat Development Foundation to launch the ELITE Child Plan, which targets to improve the living and growth environment for those staying in orphanage schools and village kindergarten in the ethnic community of the western regions through various means including donation. As a recognition of the Group’s contribution, in 2016, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Elite Habitat Development Foundation awarded the Group “ELITE Public Welfare Pioneer”.

The Group will continue to undertake its social responsibility and participate in more meaningful welfare activities.